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Checking Your Home for Foundation Issues

Jul 21, 2015

When it comes to foundation issues in your home, being able to detect the early warning signs can save you time and money. Don't be alarmed by a little unevenness in your foundation, as it is natural for houses to settle over time. Do keep an eye out for more serious changes, however, that could point to necessary foundation repair, such as the following:

  • Doors that jam or won't latch
  • Windows that stick or won't close completely
  • Cracks in walls, particularly around door frames, windows, and where walls and ceilings meet
  • Cracks in vinyl or tile placed over concrete floors

If you notice any of the warning signs above, AquaGuard can help. Our team of experts can determine the type of damage done to the foundation, as well as how severe that damage is. If the warning signs are caught early, often all that needs to be done is some simple bracing. AquaGuard can place in carbon-fiber reinforcements, steel beams, and wall anchors as necessary.

If the damage is more severe, the foundation may need to be completely reconstructed. AquaGuard is one of the few foundation-repair companies in Western PA that can completely replace any foundation, including walls, footers, concrete slabs, and main support beams. We can restore the masonry on your foundation, as well.

Severe damage to your foundation could be coming from mine subsidence. In these cases, the soil around the property is sinking and in need of stabilization. You can see if your home may be undermined by going to the DEP Website. If your foundation is the victim of mine subsidence, we suggest investing in a mine subsidence insurance policy through the state; and if you're noticing the early warning signs of foundation issues, contact AquaGuard!

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