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Humidex.jpgMany of our home’s basements suffer from the lack of ventilation. That is because moist, stale, unhealthy air tends to become trapped in the lowest portion of your home which is, of course, your basement. To solve this problem, AquaGuard offers the Humidex ventilation system which draws this damp, unhealthy air from the lowest level of the structure and expels it outside. Simply put, this allows the basement to breathe creating a much healthier environment for not only the basement, but the entire home. The Humidex system consistently brings fresh air into the home while using less energy than a 40 watt light bulb. Installation is quick and easy and the system is very affordable. Humidex-Logo.jpgBenefits of the Humidex system include: air quality, reduced window condensation, excessive humidity and eliminating musty odors in the basement. It is also an excellent option to expel Radon. One of AquaGuard’s experts will discuss the system in more detail and help you determine if it’s the right basement ventilation system for you and your family.

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