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Transform an unsafe crawlspace into an area that can be fully utilized to meet your needs.

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Damp crawlspaces create unpleasant odors and allow insect and pest infestations. They reduce a home’s efficiency and create an environment that can cause health concerns.

AquaGuard has solutions for all crawl space issues, ranging from:

  • Interior and exterior waterproofing systems
  • Structural repair
  • Encapsulation and ventilation systems

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We offer high-strength crawlspace encapsulation systems that include anti-microbial additives, which are blended into the membranes to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria fungi, mold, and algae.

AquaGuard also offers ventilation options to improve airflow and air quality in crawlspaces and to reduce moisture content in the air. 

The benefits of this treatment are significant. The relative humidity will stay below 60%, even when the outdoor humidity is much higher. With dehumidification, it's not difficult to reduce the humidity to less than 50%.

Some other benefits are:

  • Better air quality in the crawl space, which means better air quality in the living space
  • Greater energy efficiency. The Advanced Energy studies have found nearly 20% reduction in energy use in homes with a conditioned crawl space.
  • Fewer critter problems
  • Greater durability of floor, HVAC equipment, and other components in the crawl space

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