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Mine Subsidence // Foundation Repair

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Mine subsidence is a real danger in Western Pennsylvania and can cause sudden and severe damage to your home. 

If your foundation has been affected by sinking soil around your property, it’s time to call the experts at AquaGuard.

Once the area has been stabilized (typically the DEP will pump fly ash into the collapsed mines), we can help get your home back to its original condition.

You can check the DEP website to find out if your home may be undermined. If it is, we highly recommend that you invest in a mine subsidence insurance policy through the state. The policy is typically inexpensive and can protect you from a potentially significant cost of repairing your home should mine subsidence occur.

These photos show a home in the Canonsburg area that was affected by sudden mine subsidence. Approximately half of the foundation was replaced, as well as retaining walls and concrete basement slab. 

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