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Sagging Floors & Support Beams //

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Return the substructure of your home to its original position.

aquaguard pittsburgh sagging floors

As time goes by, the understructure of your home (i.e. joists, cill plates, band boards and support columns) can become weakened, causing the floors above to sag, walls to crack and masonry to sustain damage.

AquaGuard offers a variety of solutions to address sagging floors, such as:

  • Installing new concrete block support columns
  • Replacing rotted cill plates, band boards, and joists
  • Reinforcing existing joists

Support Beams

Reinforcement or replacement of existing beams will address the sagging floors in your home.

A common problem with older homes in this area is that the floors above the basement, particularly the first floor, tend to sag over time. AquaGuard is one of the few companies in the area that can solve this problem.

Solutions may include:

  • Reinforcing or replacing the existing beam and floor joists
  • Reinforcing or replacing the jack posts or the vertical columns that support the main beams

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