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Basement Waterproofing // Experts in Pittsburgh

Basement Waterproofing Services:


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If you need help in a pinch we are ready to handle any problem you may have. We want you to have a dry basement.


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interior_basement_waterproofing2.jpgA wet basement can cause extensive damage if it is not repaired.

Over time, rainwater seeps into the soil around your home and builds up pressure against your foundation walls. This pressure can exert tons of force causing your basement to leak and crack. When the soil stays saturated all winter long, the damage can become extensive.

AquaGuard has a team of experts that can repair your leaky basement and make sure that the water never returns. We attack basement waterproofing using both interior and exterior methods.

Signs of a Leaky Basement

  • Water seepage from basement walls or floors
  • General dampness in basement
  • Warped paneling or dry rot
  • Cracks in basement walls or floors
  • Mildew or fungus
  • A musty odor originating from basement
  • White powder on basement walls
  • Peeling paint on basement walls
  • Buckling or bowing basement walls


Just wanted you to know how happy I am with the great, meticulous, detail oriented job your company did. They were a great team and pleasant to work with. I commend the workers you employ at AquaGuard, they are the ones who give your company a great reputation.

L.K. - Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

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